New Name and Home!

Hello friends, Bobbin's Escape is retiring. It's now hosted as Eventually, this version of the site will go private, but I want to give everyone a heads up before that happens so you're not surprised! I have migrated all the subscriptions over to the new site and my posts will still appear in your... Continue Reading →

Going self-hosted

Hello friends! I am in the process of migrating my blog from to a self-hosted platform. Don't worry, I'm taking care to preserve any subscriptions and my posts will still show up in the reader once it's finished. I'm waiting for some behind the scenes stuff to be completed but I should be back... Continue Reading →

Winter Pants

Self-drafted pants in heavier weights and closer fit Friends! Winter is upon us! The last few weeks have been brutal in Pennsylvania, with temps below zero and random snow squalls. You know what's not great to wear in such weather? Linen pants. I've been making pants from a basic pattern I made last summer and... Continue Reading →

Puff the Over-sized Sweater

Drafting an over-sized sweater from scratch. When I was little, I loved to wear big sweatshirts. Like large, adult sized sweatshirts. They were comfy, of course, but mostly I adored how the sleeves would billow and blouse. I've always wanted to reclaim the joy of those sweaters. The perfect fabric has been waiting in my... Continue Reading →

Garnet: the bishop blouse

Drafting a bishop sleeved blouse with a split hem. Each season, I make a list of projects I'd like to accomplish. Inevitably, there are items that roll over into next season (or next year). Designing a blouse keeps emerging list after list, perpetually shuffled over to the next one. I designed a boxy blouse in... Continue Reading →

Givre Dresses & Shirts

Givre has been the unsung hero of my wardrobe since it's release over a year ago. I've made 5 shirts and 2 dresses, with 1 failed tank thrown in. Givre is a body-con and can be super sexy or low-key depending on your fabric choice; your figure can take center stage in a solid fabric... Continue Reading →

Goodnight, RTW Jeans

My poor, tired, old jeans are ready to retire. They started as skinny jeans and are now relaxed fit. I feel like I need to hang them from the rafters like a retired hockey jersey. It's time to make more pants! Over the summer, I drafted a pair of pants which was super exciting. After... Continue Reading →

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