The York Blouse that Isn’t

A while back, I became aware of a fabric called peachskin. Out of curiosity I bought a couple of yards online.

The lightweight fabric has a silky-suedy feel and wonderful drape. I decided to make a York top from Seamwork magazine.

As usual, everything went well until it didn’t. I sewed the bodice and sleeves. I did the sides and sleeves in a French seam but left the back seam pressed open and zigzagged.

Somewhere in cutting, I must have made the sleeves too small, despite having graded up a size from the armscye and above.

When I tried it on, I couldn’t move my arms one bit. Everything else was fine but, with the slightest movement, I was about to rip those sleeves like an angry she-hulk.

So I lopped the sleeves off at the seam. I made extra self bias tape and finished the armscyes with that. Next I finished the neckline complete with ties in the same bias tape and hemmed the bottom.

As it was now a tank top and Fall is here, I knew I would mostly be layering it with sweaters and the ties, while cute, gave me a lumpy back. I lopped those off too, replacing them with a hook and eye closure.
Viola! A new top that i love more than the original idea. Hooray for versatility!

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