Morris Blazers

This past Spring I made a color blocked Morris Blazer from leftover fabrics used to make 2 of my Safran pants.

The blazer is an easy pattern. It’s unlined and can be made in both wovens and knits. I also made a turquoise version in a light chambray, which I cut on the bias to add a bit of stretch.

My one beef with the pattern is this – they call for medium weight knits or “woven fabrics with a bit of stretch”.

What, exactly, is a bit of stretch? 5%? 10%? The lack of specificity, the vaguery at foot! Are you trying to make me waste fabric??

Anyway, my conclusion to a bit of stretch is that a bias-cut woven is just barely enough. The sleeves were nearly too narrow in the woven (I had to use 1/4″ seams with vigorous zig-zag finishing) but they are lovely in the stretch denim I used this time.

As said fabrics are stretch denim, the blazer is mega comfortable. They’re different colors of the same fabric, medium weight and have 30% stretch.

I didn’t have enough of each to make its own blazer so I combined them to create a grey and black Morris. I added a functional welt pocket on the right side. I bound the seams with a tropical homemade bias tape.

MB2.0 Innards

The cool part is this jacket matches the 2 Safrans made from these fabrics. I was mildly inspired by Tim Gunn/Project Runway. Make it work!

PS if you are wondering about my pins here they are:

Fox Pin (ToryNova on etsy)

Stay Home Club pin

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