Heritage Rug

I made a scrap rug! I referenced a few tutes online, most of which had the words Heritage or Homestead in the blog titles (hence the name), but basically I googled “braided fabric rug”.

It’s incredibly simple – you make super long strips of fabric, braid them together, coil the braid and stitch it by hand.

My strips were 2.5″ wide. I cut them as long as I could, then stitched the short ends together to create a massively long strip from each fabric, which I neatly rolled. There were 6 rolls in total, with 2 being smaller than the rest. I picked 2 large rolls and 1 small.

Then I braided and braided until I ran out of the first small roll. I joined it with the second small roll and kept braiding until I used up the scraps.

The intention was to make a kitchen sink rug (oblong, round) but I ended up with a bathroom sink rug. The colors coordinated with my bathroom. I used 3 strands of embroidery thread at at time to stitch it together and a beefy, sharp needle.

This rug is only a little over a foot diameter. I thought it would take me whole week but it only took a (weekend) day. My fingers are rather sore but it was worthwhile.

It’s nice and soft, and I cleared a decent space in my stash cabinet!

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