Kochi Kimono

Kimono Jacket from Papercut Patterns!

I bought this fabric to make a skirt but then I had this vision for a kimono, inspired by Gabrielle’s season 1 outfit…

Image result for gabrielle season 1 xena

In contrast to the kimono robe, where I cut the pieces freehand, I wanted to make a paper pattern for this jacket. As I was procrastinating, Papercut released the Kochi Kimono. It was pretty darn close to what I envisioned and saved me alot of drafting time!

Plus it’s from NZ, which I get rather geeky about because of Xena, and it just seemed destined by the Fates to have this Gabby-inspired jacket made from a New Zealand pattern.

(if you look into their patterns, remember the exchange rate makes them cheaper in USD)

There’s not too much to say here, the pattern is simple, fun and easy. I chose to make the lined version without ties and with a right patch pocket.

The fabrics I used were a medium weight cotton chambray for the shell and Liberty lawn leftovers for the lining.

The fit is exactly as expected; I didn’t make any adjustments. The patch pocket is functionally large – yay! – and the angular shape of the front pieces adds a bit of style. I’ve enjoyed wearing it with skirts, pants, and dresses.  I’m wearing it as I write about it!

I give this pattern four Sewing Needles and a Novelty Pin Cushion 😉

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