Dress Full of Stars

The cold descended suddenly and I was unprepared.

I had this great sweater fabric with plush backing which wanted to be a sweater dress. 20171121_183744.jpg

It’s the perfect fabric for a Jasper dress (Paprika Patterns), which requires a sturdy fabric with little to no stretch. I made the sweater version in fleece my first year of sewing and wore it until the fabric pills were uncountable.

Feeling impatient and cold, I skipped the kangaroo pocket in lieu of a large patch pocket on the right side. I liked the kangaroo pocket on a sweater but on a dress it seemed like something I would later regret. Did I mention I was also impatient? And cold?

My only complaint about this dress (and most sweater dresses) is that it limits my stride. I’m a fast walker, I take steps 2 at a time, and I do alot of shipping, lifting, reaching and moving about at work.

The span of the ‘skirt’ on this dress is limiting compared to a circle skirt or pants, but not so much as to not be worn. The warm cozy feel of it overrides this minor annoyance. I mean, I can take the steps 1 at a time like a normal person once a week, right?

I’m now scouting for similar fabric for more sweaters and dresses (spoiler alert: I found some!). I do have a flannel circle skirt planned and I hope to be setting myself up for a cozy winter.



7 thoughts on “Dress Full of Stars

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    1. Thanks! Its super comfy and warm. The fabric for this dress was not stretchy, but I made another one with stretchy fabric. I haven’t blogged it yet, but hope to soon.
      The ‘newer’ fabric had about 15-20% stretch and I used a second fabric for the hems/cuffs which has 20-25% stretch. Both these fabrics are a little lighter, too. The second dress is much more forgiving and I don’t notice any limitations when I wear it. I would not recommend using super light or super stretchy fabric for this dress (it still needs to have a little body) but get a medium-bodied fabric with a little (15-20%) stretch and you’ll be fine!


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