Trio of Sweaters

O boi I’m excited to show you this one! It’s another Jasper sweater dress + 2 bonus sweaters made with some wonderful fabric I’m lucky to have.

This is locally made organic soy French Terry fabric from Pittsburgh designer Kelly Lane. Her garments are so cool; I really really dig her aesthetic and designs. So inspiring!

This fabric is likewise inspiring with its geometic pattern of different magenta pyramids and cubes. The brown and white background is reminiscent of a sock monkey. It’s soft and stretchy with medium body.

The complimenting solid magenta is lush, soft, luxurious, and warm. It is also stretchy and made by the same person.

I feel….exclusive. so ‘sclusy. A little posh and a dash swanky. I’m just grateful she decided to share her marvelous fabrics with us plebs.

This pattern calls for fabric with no stretch. I’ve made one like that and it’s nice. However, the 15-20% stretch of this fabric makes the dress even more comfortable and wearable.

I made a couple of other sweaters with the remainders. I had to stop myself from buying all the magenta and cocooning myself in it until Spring- that’s how nice it is.

Here is a basic sweater made with the magenta. I dropped the shoulder of my usual sweater pattern by 1 inch. I didn’t have enough fabric left for full length sleeves so it has bracelet sleeves. I also tapered the cuffs so they are smaller at the wrists.

The other bonus sweater is a lil cropped one.

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