Bruyere Shirt

My first make of 2018 is a Bruyere shirt – it’s a great shirt/pattern!

I’ve said before – Deer and Doe is my favorite pattern house. Eleanor really knows how to draft a pattern.

Bruyere is fitted through the waist; the fit is perfect, with about 2″ of ease in the bodice. I didn’t even have to make my broad shoulder adjustment!

While this pattern is fun, it does mean business. Darts, pleats, yokes, facings, button placket, gathering, sleeve placket and cuff…there are so many details to get right.

It felt like it took forever to finish, but in reality took about 2 weeks of sewing time. It’s so worth it!

I really took my time with everything and did all French seams. I highly recommend that (or another clean, pretty finish) because the waistband seam is so prominent.

Gutty works and multicolored bobbin thread

I wanted a match across the bodice front; I did not want the patterns on the waistband to match the adjacent parts of the bodice.

I think it was quite successful.

Bruyere Front

I’ve also discovered how much I love rolling up my sleeves. Generally, I dislike long sleeves, but roll those puppies up and apparently I’m in heaven!

Rolled up sleeves XD

I definitely want to make another, although I will need to buy fabric especially for it. Long sleeves take up sooooo much fabric! When I buy for the stash, I only get 2 yards. I need a whole ‘nother yard for sleeves.

Until next time…

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  1. I love my Bruyere shirt and was one of my first technical makes and the pattern instructions just guided me through perfectly. Love your version! Great pattern on the fabric which is perfect for this shirt. I sadly got hair dye (or the hairdresser did) on my version and after serveral dyeing attempts etc it’s still there! I still wear it but it’s a knock around the house shirt (which is a shame cos the fabric is beautiful cotton chambray) but this gives me a reason to make another and you have just inspired me too with yours!

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