Scraps? Scraps!

My stash hurts like a warehouse, it has no room to spare. I had to cram so many scraps to store, everything in there…

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a stash full of remainders. Some are over a yard, others are teensy scraps squirrled way for pockets or bag linings. They comprise maybe half of my stash, stored in and around a liquor cabinet.


Well, it’s meant to be a liquor cabinet, anyway. I inherited it from a friend of a friend; it was barely used. It has drawers, shelves, and cubbies ideal for liquor bottles and glasses…or sewing stuff.

The funny thing is, when I opened the velvet-lined drawers I found…spools of thread and dress pins. Great minds, eh?

Anyway, to make way for new fabrics and paraphernalia, I’m using up those leftovers.

I’ve been itching to make a nicey-nice roll-up for my cutting and pinking shears. Until now, they have floated aimlessly in my sewing case. Not only can this damage them, it makes them very hard to find on the fly.

10th kingdom trolls (best mini series evah!)

For this project, I used scraps from my Bruyere shirt. It’s a great fabric, because one side is a lovely southwestern pattern, while the other is totally solid.

I measured on the fly and marked where to cut on the fabric with tailor’s chalk.

The pinking shears are marked with a zig zag line.

I feared using this roll-up would be annoying, since I have to untie and unroll it to access my scissors, but it’s faster than hunting around for them and far less frustrating. I enjoy the thoughtful process of neatly folding it back up, too.

Next I made a roll up for bobbins and needles.

These have lived in a small tupperware container with presser feet and tools. But bobbins are wily and always manage to come unwound, entangling all the feet.

Bobbin roll sketch

The roll up has a row for needle packs and a row for bobbins. They all stay neatly in their little pockets.

To make the pocket bays, I pressed the bottom and top of each, top stitching the pocket opening. Next I carefully aligned them and marked each stitching line in chalk.

I sewed those next, saving the bottom stitch for last. I stitched as closely to the edge as possible; I’m rather proud of how straight everything is (although it’s hard to tell when the pockets are full).

Included in the needle row is a patch of felt for hand sewing needles.

Hooray! I’m looking for more things to put in roll ups. I’ll have more scrap projects to show you next week!

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