You’re so square

Scraps purge part deux.

I cut a heckin’ lot of 5″ squares cleaning out my scraps.

They became some cute fabric bowls, “magic” bags, and a patchwork pillow case. The rest are destined to become a quilt and/or more cute, small things.

Magic Bags

I loved making these little bags. They are super easy, a perfect activity for a chilly afternoon. They look like something you’d use to carry your Gysahl Greens. And, in the literal sense, I may keep my Magic (yes, The Gathering) dice and tokens in one of these.

I used what I assume is the standard protocol of pouch assembly:

  • sew the shell and linings at the top and under stitch
  • lay it all open flat
  • stitch around the perimeter leaving a hole
  • turn
  • voila!

The button holes get put on before the bag is sewn together. I placed them 3/4″ down from the top of the bag.

I used a ladder stitch to close the opening. At first I was inclined to leave the opening in the lining. I chose to leave it in the shell instead as the fabric was sturdier and the lining takes all the weight.

Another note: I cut the lining’s bottom 1/4 inch shorter than the shell to reduce bulk at the bottom of the pouch.

Finally, I sewed two lines of stitching through both layers, creating a tunnel for the drawstring.

They are super cute and have the runchy paperbag top I wanted.

For the drawstring, I made bias tape and top stitched it. I tied a double knot at the ends of the drawstrings.

Fabric Bowls

I used more squares for a few fabric bowls, another chill project.

The shell for each bowl has lightweight interfacing for stability.

What transforms it from flat coaster to bowl is the tip stitching. Where the stitching is placed dictates how deep the bowl will be. Closer to the edge means more shallow. I made two 6″ bowls and two 5″ bowls.

I have used them while sewing, to hold feet and nippers. Sadly, they’re not cat proof. She loves to push items out of them.

An aside: The cat photo-bombed every single picture! For each one I got without a TeeTee in it, there are several with blurry cat.

She loves sewing because I play with strings and bits of paper AND she can lay on my ironing board/fabric/projects/tools, swatting at me when I try to work.

I also have one on my desk at work for paperclips.

Pillow Case

A patchwork pillowcase with an envelope opening. I misjudged how big I needed this to be and it turned out way too small for the pillow I intended to encase. It’s a weird size, so I think I might just make a custom pillow to go inside.


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