By Neptune’s Trident!

A Neptunian Chardon skirt.

Made from the linen remnants of my custom blazer jacket, is the first Chardon skirt I’ve made since Sewing Year 1. I have 3 others in my closet – one is Very Tired, one is Fancy, and the last one is Plain Brown. The tired one is moving on the Goodwill-ier pastures, while Plain Brown and Fancy get to stay…for now.

Anyway, I had juuuust enough left over from the jacket to squeeze in a skirt. I had to cut the back on the cross-grain to make it work.

All the seams are bias bound, which is my new fave method of finishing seams. It’s so neat and pretty!

As I was working, my husband asked if it was a Sailor Scout skirt. That wasn’t my intention, I just love this linen so much and a circle skirt was out of the question.

He’s right though, between the cut and the color it could totally be a Sailor Neptune homage.

Being the nerd that I am, I committed fully by embroidering a rudimentary Neptune symbol on the back inner waistband.

Neptune skirt embroidery

This is the best Chardon I’ve ever made, and it should be given the 3 years of sewing experience I’ve gained since making the first 3. Since it’s linen, I know it will never be perfectly pressed but that’s kind of liberating!

Neptune skirt frontNeptune skirt side backNeptune skirt backNeptune skirt side



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