Myosotis: The Scorpion

At first glance, I didn’t think I would make the Myosotis dress (which is the French word for Forget-Me-Nots or Scorpion Grass).

It’s quite over-sized, which isn’t typically my style but considering that the role of Spring is being played by Summer this year, I thought some over-sized garments might be in order. The final “pin in the seam” was seeing it styled with a blazer jacket on instagram.

Myosotis also seemed like the perfect use for this pretty blue fabric that had me stumped. It has thick black and peach threads woven through it, with a medium weight and a surprising amount of drape.

Myosotis NecklineWhat I love most is the clean bodice neckline. It’s so lovely, feminine, and understated. The sleeves are quite comfy and slightly larger than other DD patterns.

I made this dress with no adjustments. It fits beautifully. The bodice is fitted enough through the bust that my boobins don’t vanish, yet wide enough in the waist to billow around me.Myosotis side

Floating around the blog-o-sphere, I’ve seen versions where the waist line droops on the sides. I’m not sure why this is happening with some garments and not others. I made a size 38 and my waist line is pretty straight across. Maybe its sizing, fabric choice, or execution, but it was a factor in my original dismissal of this pattern.

So if you’re on the fence about this dress, I say try it! I sewed this up over a weekend; it’s as fun and breezy to make as it is to wear.

It still feels weird to wear something so large, but I’m enamored with the ease of wearing it and the cool freedom it brings in the summer heat. It pairs beautifully with a jacket, which disguises the enormity.Myosotis with jacket

Myosotis front


Myosotis back

I want to make more in different types of fabric!


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  1. This looks great on you! I skipped this pattern for the #sewmystyle challenge as I have some similarish patterns and I just didn’t think I could pull it off, but of course I’ve seen some wonderful versions now, including yours! Nice job!

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