Airelle Blouse

A sweet, feminine blouse from Deer and Doe, adjusted for fit!

So… my hulk shoulders don’t quite fit into this delicate blouse as-is, prompting me to make a broad shoulder adjustment (BSA).

But Airelle has a yoke for the shoulder that spills onto the front and I was a bit perplexed by how to make a BSA on a pattern with no shoulder seam.

I started at the back armscye corner, then let the paper guide me. Where the paper buckled, I made a relief cut so it could lay flat.

The places I cut are marked in blue. I’ve found using different colors while drafting or making adjustments to be very useful.

Airelle shoulder adjustment

While cutting, I added 1/4″ to the center back seams for additional width, and I’m glad I did. It would have been tight otherwise.

All the adjustments worked nicely! I have much better mobility than previous iterations.

This blouse is made with voile for the main body and linen for the yoke, facing, and sleeve cuffs.

The sleeves on this shirt are divine! I’m not the biggest fan of the front gathers, however, but that’s a minor point. Over all, it’s a great pattern.

I love wearing it tucked in, which amps up the feminine shape. Untucked? I’m less enthused.

I feel I should be doing delicate, lovely things in this blouse like drinking tea, doing needlepoint, or smashing the patriarchy.

Airelle Blouse

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