Self drafted wrap top

I’ve always been wary of peplums and wraps, despite all fashion advice to the contrary. They’re flattering, aligned to my style preferences and yet…I’ve never worn either.

So why not draft one? Woot!

I used my basic bodice sloper and circle skirt patterns as the block base. The back is the back sloper unaltered.

The front is asymmetrical, so I drafted 2 different pieces. The outer piece has a diagonal neckline while the inner piece starts on an angle and straightens out after the bust.

The skirt is likewise asymmetrical.

A single tie emerges from a buttonhole near the sideseam, wraps around the back, and meets up with the D-rings near the opposite side seam.

I had to adjust the waist line of the slanty front as it fell below the waist of the opposite side and looked like a hot mess. The result of which is a little fabric roll on one side.

The neckline is finished with an interfaced facing, the skirt hem is just a small folded hem.

There’s a couple of adjustments needed to perfect it, but overall I’m very happy!

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