Field Trip!

I took Eugenia (my machine) on a little field trip back to my suburban homeland.

The Quest: to make a dog-proof banner for my mother in-law (MIL).

To set the scene: They have a staircase bordering their living room, with a wooden railing on either side so it’s not a human deathtrap. However, the gaps between the rails are just big enough for a sweet, rambunctious doggo to slip through, making it a doggy deathtrap.

My MIL bought some heavy-duty upholstery fabric, which I sewed into 2 long rectangles. We wove them through the railing and used some velcro strips to secure it.


Eugenia survived the trip there and back! I buckled her up in the back seat, like a swaddled babe, with some cushioning wrapped around her in the form of a huge stuffed toy sword and a tailor’s ham. I drove very carefully!

Eugenia hustling

I’ve never taken my machine out of the apartment before, but it was a positive experience. I got the banner finished, the doggo is safe. My relatives were in awe of my small-but-mighty sewing machine.

Banner + dogbanner + dog

Full banners

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