The Stash Destroyer: Myosotis

A summer-weight Myosotis dress.

The Myosotis just loves my deep stash babies- the two I’ve made are perfect uses of beautiful yet perplexing fabrics I squirrelled away last year.

This version sports a Merchant and Mills light weight cotton. It’s their Daisy print, dyed with real indigo. You have to pre-wash it cold with salt to lock in the dye.Myosotis hem & bound seam

The indigo has a very unique smell and texture, especially before it’s washed. It’s not exactly pleasant, but it does dissipate after the fabric is washed and dried.

Its one my ‘deep stash’ fabrics because, as much as I liked it, I didn’t have a clue what to make with it. And it’s special, which adds a certain aura of foreboding given the permanence of cutting and sorrow of failure.

After I made my first ‘Myo’ I knew this fabric was perfect for it. The crisp, light fabric is just right for the summer heat, and the over-sized nature of this dress makes it cool and breezy.

I used French seams for the bodice; bias bound seams for the skirt.img_20180918_220754492254095040766130.jpgimg_20180918_2207395828566586683692333.jpgimg_20180918_2207081683160489657995530.jpgimg_20180918_2206276455809086163253346.jpg

Myo No.2 is the first garment I made in my new home. My sewing space is far from set up, but it’s light-years ahead of where I was before. I can have my gear out and ready in minutes, with everything else close at hand.

In the apartment, I was either sewing on the floor or at my coffee table, both of which hurt my shoulders. Hooray for improvement! And posture!img_20180918_2045271222514391426966951.jpg

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4 thoughts on “The Stash Destroyer: Myosotis

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  1. Wonderful dresses! I just love Merchant & Mills, although all their patterns are way too small for me. I haven’t investigated their fabrics. I like their sewing books.

    Huzzah on your new digs and congrats to your neck, back, and shoulders! 😛

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