100 Acts of Comfy

I gave in to the hype.

100 Acts of Sewing, with their simplistic patterns and long mission statement seemed more like a cult than a movement and, presumptuous as it was, I steered well clear.

But then….I really needed a pattern for PJ pants. This was before I drafted my own pants pattern (Spring 2018-ish) and I wanted a quick sew that would net me some great Jim-Jams.

So I bought Pants No.1 from my local fabric shop, some light flannel, and twill tape for the drawstring.

They’re perfectly simple pants. No pockets (which I will remedy next time), slightly cropped length. The length was super important me, as I’d been lounging in my husband’s extra pair which were way too long. They tried to trip and kill me every time I wore them!

They are perfect lounging pants and I love them! Also pictured is one of my Givre shirts I wear around the house (I’ve made 3 Givres…to be reviewed soon)

PJ Pants No. 1

PJ Pants No. 1 back

PJ Pants No. 1 Side

After having success with the pants, I thought I’d try their tunic to see what I can learn from it. I made my own tunic pattern before, but I was unhappy with the way the neckline sat (it’s just kind of rigid when I put my head through). This pattern would hopefully show me how to improve my own neckline.

My review of Shirt No.1 is the same as my pants review. Super simple, quick sew, over-sized fit…generally a good basic pattern. I like how big and comfy the armscye is. I made it using rayon, so its extra comfy.

The good (and simultaneously bad) part is the neckline lays just like the one I drafted. So the up side is, I drafted my pattern correctly! The downside? The neckline will always be a little rigid.

One modification I made was not using bias tape for the neckline. Since this shirt is made with rayon, I knew the neckline would stand straight up if I did a bias finish. Instead, I drafted a facing, which worked beautifully and I highly recommend doing it.

BTW this shirt is great tucked into a skirt, too!

Tunic No. 1

Tunic No. 1 back

Tunic No. 1 side

As much as I have enjoyed sewing these patterns, I wouldn’t call myself a convert yet. But I can say that I totally recommend 100 Acts of Sewing patterns for their ease of use and comfort.

Thanks for reading ❤

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