Mini Walk-In Closets

My bedroom closet was wide, tall, and impossible to use.

Like most closets, it came with a shelf spanning its full length. To reach this shelf, I stood on my tippy-toes, outstretched my arms, did a little hop, and got poked in the throat by clothes hangers.

The closet rod, circa 1973, was square with a big support bracket in the center, perfect for preventing you from sliding your clothes in either direction.

old closet

So much wasted space! What you see in the picture above was all I could access without contorting myself . My husband couldn’t even use it – his clothes were all rolled up in a chest of drawers collecting wrinkles.

After struggling to reach a jacket one morning, I had a wild idea: turn the ends into mini walk-in closets. One for me and one for my hubby. The closet is very tall and rather deep. It could work!

I bought tension rods for hanging clothes, a little shelf for each of us, command hooks, “space-saving” hangers, and vertical hangers.

The tension rods work great! I’d like to replace them with permanent ones, now I know the concept works. I’m waiting for them to lose tension and fall on me.


However, the shelves I bought won’t fit without obstructing our ability to reach the clothes, which ruins the whole point of this experiment. They will be re-purposed in another room – either my sewing closet or the kitchen. I have tons of books that need a shelf!

The drag is, that shelf was meant to hold my vulnerable sweaters (the ones that will stretch if left on a hanger). They now reside in a bin under the bed, which is still accessible but not ideal.

I bought a pack of command hooks for belts, scarves, outfits, and whatever else comes along.

Although it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, I adore my “step-in” closet. I can see and access all my clothes. My husband’s shirts now have a place to hang, saving them from the Wrinkle Monster.

It’s a bit of a thrill to step through the sheer curtain and stand inside my closet with all my lovelies. It’s like a tiny personal dressing room.

The next steps are hanging some more art on the wall, getting a battery operated light (it gets dark in there!), and tracking down permanent replacements for the tension rods.

If your closet is inaccessible like mine was, I 100% recommend giving this a try!

Thanks for reading ❤

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  1. What a great idea, and, although you aren’t 100% satisfied with how it has worked out so far, you can easily make the changes indicated by your “first draft.”
    Btw, I love the photo that shows yours kitty snooping into the “new” closet! 🙂

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