Decadent Kimono

All of my clothes (and yours I assume) are created for different reasons. Some meet a need, others are just for fun.

This is a project born out of fabric love. My local boutique got some of the Art Gallery Fabrics Decadence Collection Paon Plumes Royal rayon. Like a sailor lured by the Sirens, it beckoned to me, singing an irresistible song of a luxurious robe.Sirens (from Xena episode Ulysses)

I heeded the call.

This robe is a modified Kochi Kimono by Papercut Patterns. It’s a nice pattern with optional ties and pockets. I’ve made 2 robes and a jacket from it and enjoy them all.

For this decadent version, I lengthened it by 8 inches and added 2 patch pockets but no ties. The seams are all French seams.

It’s wonderful. The rayon softy billows when I walk. It feels luxurious and light. And the fabric is so pretty! I feel fancy when I wear it.

Thanks for reading ♥️

8 thoughts on “Decadent Kimono

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  1. Looking fab! I’ve never made a kimono, I wanted to in the Summer, but alas it didn’t happen.
    Rayon is my fave too, though I’ve not tried AGF’s. I’m currently stroking my newest acquisition; the See You at Six rayon 😀

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      1. The price tag that comes with AGF scares me a bit, I splurged once on their knits, oh my it was glorious! I’m planning to make the Little Rabbit Dress from my Ottobre magazine (Autumn/Winter 2018 issue).
        I think I like the See You at Six rayon better than my Atelier Brunette’s, it feels sturdier somehow. We’ll see.

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