Toxic Bleuet

Listen, you know I love a good Bleuet dress.

More over, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric. It has everything – magenta and teal over dark gray, skulls, lightning bolts, spider webs, moons, stars, skull butterflies?!?!

Tula Pink De La Luna Venus

It’s Tula Pink’s De La Luna collection – Venus in the “Spirit” colorway.

I bought 2 yards from my local boutique before I had to pack up my sewing gear to move and it was one of the first fabrics I unearthed in my new sewing space.

It’s a mid-weight apparel cotton and, although I really wanted to make one of my custom shirt-dresses with it, I knew the weight would make the darts pointy.

So Bleuet to the rescue! I had barely enough fabric to cut all the pieces, resorting to cutting the collar pieces and hem facings on the bias and not on the fold. I was careful to add seam allowance where the fold should have been.

Toxic Bleuet collar and top stitching

It worked out (mostly) great! I wasn’t trying to pattern match, and my front pieces came out sooo close to matching but not quite. Bummer. It’s not super glaring (unless you sew…then it’s a total face palm)

Xena smh

Error aside, the fabric is so pretty I don’t care. It’s SO PRETTY!! And it’s perfect for October (with leggings, a sweater, and boots).

Toxic Bleuet side

Toxic Bleuet back

Toxic Bleuet

Thanks for reading ❤

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