Pitch Black Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my plans to make all the curtains for my house. I made living room curtains lickety-split and then I stalled out. But the onset of cold weather jostled me from my laziness.

The bedroom needed curtains the most, and I had some thick gray fabric I got on clearance just or the occasion.

Laughably, I bought 2 yards. TWO. Fool! It’s half of what I needed, enough for only one window.

With the wide-eyed fervor of a Trading Spaces designer, I decided to combine it asymmetrically with another fabric. So I rifled through my stash and found a 1.75 yard remnant of gray-blue linen, roughly the same width of the gray fabric.

Following the Rule of Thirds, I cut a strip 1/3 the full width from each fabric, cutting parallel to the selvage. Then I swapped the strips, keeping the selvages on the outside.

The rest was a piece of cake! I pressed the seam open, and hemmed the sides and the bottom.


Then I lay the curtain flat, right side down, and lay the lining on top of it. I made what is basically a deep hem for the curtain rod.


Look how much light they block in full daylight! The room is much cozier and we’re not waking with the sun anymore.


If you’re keeping score, that’s 5 curtains down, 4 to go!


Thanks for reading<3

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