This dress isn’t perfect. Its more success than fail, so I count it as a win (I’ve worn it twice in the past 3 weeks, weather permitting).

The pattern is the Deer &Doe Zephyr. I made it before in a thick knit, which I wore recently and thought, “why don’t I have more of these?”.

This fabric is just a smidge too light for this pattern…rats! As a consequence, I couldn’t top stitch and needed a walking foot. The princess seams are a little puckered.

The fabric is better suited for a Givre, which I will make with the remnants.

Not all is lost! The fabric is buttery, smooth, a dream to wear. And it looks great with a jacket or sweater!!

Also, I aced the V-neck.

Thanks for reading ❤

Update: a kind commenter recommend I top stitch the seams with a straight stitch to fix the bust puckering. Unfortunately, I tried that and it didn’t work. Since I prewashed the fabric, I didn’t wash the dress again before wearing it. After I washed it, the seams are much better especially in the bust! It’s like magic!

4 thoughts on “Zephyr

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  1. Well it indeed looks a wonderful fabric and the pattern suits you very well!
    In my opinion don’t let the seams like that, princess seams (or any other vertical line in your dress) sew it with straight stitch, that will clear the wonky parts and your dress will look perfect only! ^_^

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