Goodnight, RTW Jeans

My poor, tired, old jeans are ready to retire. They started as skinny jeans and are now relaxed fit. I feel like I need to hang them from the rafters like a retired hockey jersey.

It’s time to make more pants!


Over the summer, I drafted a pair of pants which was super exciting. After wearing them a while, I knew my pattern needed a few tweaks.

I took them in 2″ at the waist, tapering down 5″. I also lengthened them by 3″ so they’ll be more winter appropriate.

The fabric I used this time is a Robert Kaufman linen. It’s a strong fabric that doesn’t stretch too much with wear.

I used my machine to put a triangle design on the back pockets, it’s the same one I used in my summer pair! It makes them feel a little more special to me.

This version fits much better! The waist is snug and it doesn’t gape when I sit down. The length I added to the hem was just right. Next time I will use denim and I plan on tapering the leg as a variant, because this design is more of a trouser than jeans. They will still be no-stretch however so I need to be careful with that!

Once I finished this pair, I folded up my jeans (they will still be useful for yard work!) and put them away. I haven’t touched them since! That’s something which would have been unfathomable a couple of years ago, when I thought I’d never be skilled enough to make pants, so I’m quite proud of my progress!

Thanks for reading ❤

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