Toxic Bleuet

Listen, you know I love a good Bleuet dress. More over, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric. It has everything - magenta and teal over dark gray, skulls, lightning bolts, spider webs, moons, stars, skull butterflies?!?! It's Tula Pink's De La Luna collection - Venus in the "Spirit" colorway. I bought 2 yards from my... Continue Reading →

Decadent Kimono

All of my clothes (and yours I assume) are created for different reasons. Some meet a need, others are just for fun. This is a project born out of fabric love. My local boutique got some of the Art Gallery Fabrics Decadence Collection Paon Plumes Royal rayon. Like a sailor lured by the Sirens, it... Continue Reading →

100 Acts of Comfy

I gave in to the hype. 100 Acts of Sewing, with their simplistic patterns and long mission statement seemed more like a cult than a movement and, presumptuous as it was, I steered well clear. But then....I really needed a pattern for PJ pants. This was before I drafted my own pants pattern (Spring 2018-ish)... Continue Reading →

The Stash Destroyer: Myosotis

A summer-weight Myosotis dress. The Myosotis just loves my deep stash babies- the two I've made are perfect uses of beautiful yet perplexing fabrics I squirrelled away last year. This version sports a Merchant and Mills light weight cotton. It's their Daisy print, dyed with real indigo. You have to pre-wash it cold with salt... Continue Reading →

Blackout curtains

Curtains are a divisive subject in the sewing realm. Do you bother to make them or are they too dull a project? Apparently I'm a glutton for boring sewing, because I'm gonna make blackout curtains for every room of my home. Here's the scope: I have 9 windows to cover. About half of them get... Continue Reading →

Field Trip!

I took Eugenia (my machine) on a little field trip back to my suburban homeland. The Quest: to make a dog-proof banner for my mother in-law (MIL). To set the scene: They have a staircase bordering their living room, with a wooden railing on either side so it's not a human deathtrap. However, the gaps... Continue Reading →

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