Melilot by-the-book

Confession: I've never made a proper Melilot shirt.  I always change the rounded collar and cuffs to square ones; I forgo the hidden placket, ignore the pocket, and sew the bottom hem out of order. But I must have been feeling mighty proper recently, because I finally made one as Eleanor intended! Never having made... Continue Reading →

Linden Sweatshirt

After a challenging project, like my winter coat, I usually turn to a simple one as a pallet cleanser. It helps to clear my mind of the residual buzzing thoughts that come with a complicated project. There is something relaxing about sewing someone else's pattern -like floating down a lazy river, letting the instructions gently... Continue Reading →

Drafting a Winter Coat

Drafting the coat of my dreams from scratch! My old Winter coat was a Colette Lady Grey with lengthened sleeves and skirt. I love it but it's getting worn. Plus, I've learned so much since I made it 2 years ago, it's time to upgrade! I had specific details in mind for this coat -... Continue Reading →


This dress isn't perfect. Its more success than fail, so I count it as a win (I've worn it twice in the past 3 weeks, weather permitting). The pattern is the Deer &Doe Zephyr. I made it before in a thick knit, which I wore recently and thought, "why don't I have more of these?".... Continue Reading →

Toxic Bleuet

Listen, you know I love a good Bleuet dress. More over, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric. It has everything - magenta and teal over dark gray, skulls, lightning bolts, spider webs, moons, stars, skull butterflies?!?! It's Tula Pink's De La Luna collection - Venus in the "Spirit" colorway. I bought 2 yards from my... Continue Reading →

Decadent Kimono

All of my clothes (and yours I assume) are created for different reasons. Some meet a need, others are just for fun. This is a project born out of fabric love. My local boutique got some of the Art Gallery Fabrics Decadence Collection Paon Plumes Royal rayon. Like a sailor lured by the Sirens, it... Continue Reading →

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