100 Acts of Comfy

I gave in to the hype. 100 Acts of Sewing, with their simplistic patterns and long mission statement seemed more like a cult than a movement and, presumptuous as it was, I steered well clear. But then....I really needed a pattern for PJ pants. This was before I drafted my own pants pattern (Spring 2018-ish)... Continue Reading →

The Stash Destroyer: Myosotis

A summer-weight Myosotis dress. The Myosotis just loves my deep stash babies- the two I've made are perfect uses of beautiful yet perplexing fabrics I squirrelled away last year. This version sports a Merchant and Mills light weight cotton. It's their Daisy print, dyed with real indigo. You have to pre-wash it cold with salt... Continue Reading →

Blackout curtains

Curtains are a divisive subject in the sewing realm. Do you bother to make them or are they too dull a project? Apparently I'm a glutton for boring sewing, because I'm gonna make blackout curtains for every room of my home. Here's the scope: I have 9 windows to cover. About half of them get... Continue Reading →

Field Trip!

I took Eugenia (my machine) on a little field trip back to my suburban homeland. The Quest: to make a dog-proof banner for my mother in-law (MIL). To set the scene: They have a staircase bordering their living room, with a wooden railing on either side so it's not a human deathtrap. However, the gaps... Continue Reading →

Bleuet Duet

Ode to my favorite dress pattern: the Deer&Doe Bleuet. I've made four of them, making it the most-used (purchased) pattern in my library, second only to my self-drafted fitted shirt, of which I have 6. Oh, Bleuet, you gown among dresses, Queen of Princess seams, sweet and sharp, feminine and tailored, how do I love... Continue Reading →

Self drafted wrap top

I've always been wary of peplums and wraps, despite all fashion advice to the contrary. They're flattering, aligned to my style preferences and yet...I've never worn either. So why not draft one? Woot! I used my basic bodice sloper and circle skirt patterns as the block base. The back is the back sloper unaltered. The... Continue Reading →

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