Myosotis: The Scorpion

At first glance, I didn't think I would make the Myosotis dress (which is the French word for Forget-Me-Nots or Scorpion Grass). It's quite over-sized, which isn't typically my style but considering that the role of Spring is being played by Summer this year, I thought some over-sized garments might be in order. The final... Continue Reading →

Storm cloud dress

Swapping a zipper for buttons... Thunderstorms are lovely, no? Living in a rainy part of the US, thunderstorms are pretty common and I love them. I love the eerie color of the sky, the smell of impending rain, the light and audio spectacle that is thunder and lightning. So when I saw a thunderstorm print... Continue Reading →

Dress Full of Stars

The cold descended suddenly and I was unprepared. I had this great sweater fabric with plush backing which wanted to be a sweater dress.  It's the perfect fabric for a Jasper dress (Paprika Patterns), which requires a sturdy fabric with little to no stretch. I made the sweater version in fleece my first year of... Continue Reading →

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