The Classic

I made a "classic" shirt. I encountered this wonderful fabric at my local shop - a light weight, light blue chambray punctuated with neon green and pink. It is SO SOFT, as if I've been wearing it for years. This shirt's called The Classic because it mimics one of those blue denim shirts seemingly everyone... Continue Reading →

Storm cloud dress

Swapping a zipper for buttons... Thunderstorms are lovely, no? Living in a rainy part of the US, thunderstorms are pretty common and I love them. I love the eerie color of the sky, the smell of impending rain, the light and audio spectacle that is thunder and lightning. So when I saw a thunderstorm print... Continue Reading →

By Neptune’s Trident!

A Neptunian Chardon skirt. Made from the linen remnants of my custom blazer jacket, is the first Chardon skirt I've made since Sewing Year 1. I have 3 others in my closet - one is Very Tired, one is Fancy, and the last one is Plain Brown. The tired one is moving on the Goodwill-ier... Continue Reading →

Midnight Special

"Do you still have that Adventure Time fabric?" It was after midnight, the middle of a late night that started out on the town. My husband and I had taken his brother (hereafter referred to as my brother as I have no siblings of my own) to a show downtown. Afterwards, I really wanted to... Continue Reading →

Xena Blouse

Drafting a semi-fitted blouse with special style lines... So...I was watching an episode of Xena last week. My eye was drawn to the seaming on Xena's bodice and it struck a new cord in my brain: Those seams would look interesting on a blouse. My wardrobe was crying out for a hero, more accurately it... Continue Reading →

Self-Drafted Blazer Jacket

Atop a gilded chariot, the fanfare blaring as confetti drifts slowly to the ground, I wave to the fans, a queenly wave, as my jacket billows around me. JK. I made the jacket I designed! It's the greatest jacket in the world. (It's not, but you know how that goes.) I used a lovely blue... Continue Reading →

Drafting a Custom Blazer

Now armed with a princess seam sloper, I'm drafting a blazer jacket! At first I was set on some kind of notched collar. I've never sewn one before let alone drafted one, which made me a little apprehensive. Then I saw a stunning Armani collarless jacket. But less fancy collarless jackets looked incomplete when I... Continue Reading →

Moon Princess Seam Conversion!

I finally got around to converting my basic sloper to princess seams. Drafting the OG darted sloper proved a much more daunting task. Converting it to princess seams was...well... In the interest of science, I read several tutes before choosing one to reference while I work. I like to find the commonalities to weed out... Continue Reading →

You’re so square

Scraps purge part deux. I cut a heckin' lot of 5" squares cleaning out my scraps. They became some cute fabric bowls, "magic" bags, and a patchwork pillow case. The rest are destined to become a quilt and/or more cute, small things. Magic Bags I loved making these little bags. They are super easy, a... Continue Reading →

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