Puff the Over-sized Sweater

Drafting an over-sized sweater from scratch. When I was little, I loved to wear big sweatshirts. Like large, adult sized sweatshirts. They were comfy, of course, but mostly I adored how the sleeves would billow and blouse. I've always wanted to reclaim the joy of those sweaters. The perfect fabric has been waiting in my... Continue Reading →

Self drafted wrap top

I've always been wary of peplums and wraps, despite all fashion advice to the contrary. They're flattering, aligned to my style preferences and yet...I've never worn either. So why not draft one? Woot! I used my basic bodice sloper and circle skirt patterns as the block base. The back is the back sloper unaltered. The... Continue Reading →

Storm cloud dress

Swapping a zipper for buttons... Thunderstorms are lovely, no? Living in a rainy part of the US, thunderstorms are pretty common and I love them. I love the eerie color of the sky, the smell of impending rain, the light and audio spectacle that is thunder and lightning. So when I saw a thunderstorm print... Continue Reading →

Xena Blouse

Drafting a semi-fitted blouse with special style lines... So...I was watching an episode of Xena last week. My eye was drawn to the seaming on Xena's bodice and it struck a new cord in my brain: Those seams would look interesting on a blouse. My wardrobe was crying out for a hero, more accurately it... Continue Reading →

Self-Drafted Blazer Jacket

Atop a gilded chariot, the fanfare blaring as confetti drifts slowly to the ground, I wave to the fans, a queenly wave, as my jacket billows around me. JK. I made the jacket I designed! It's the greatest jacket in the world. (It's not, but you know how that goes.) I used a lovely blue... Continue Reading →

Drafting a Custom Blazer

Now armed with a princess seam sloper, I'm drafting a blazer jacket! At first I was set on some kind of notched collar. I've never sewn one before let alone drafted one, which made me a little apprehensive. Then I saw a stunning Armani collarless jacket. But less fancy collarless jackets looked incomplete when I... Continue Reading →

My Preciousssssss-es

We loves our patternses, precious. We makes nice copies of them for usss... I finally made sturdier copies of my sloper and self-drafted patterns. I've been drafting, modifying, and sewing with my poor, sad tissue paper versions since last Thanksgiving. They are more tape than paper at this point and softly whisper "kill meeeee". While... Continue Reading →

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