Garnet: the bishop blouse

Drafting a bishop sleeved blouse with a split hem. Each season, I make a list of projects I'd like to accomplish. Inevitably, there are items that roll over into next season (or next year). Designing a blouse keeps emerging list after list, perpetually shuffled over to the next one. I designed a boxy blouse in... Continue Reading →

Goodnight, RTW Jeans

My poor, tired, old jeans are ready to retire. They started as skinny jeans and are now relaxed fit. I feel like I need to hang them from the rafters like a retired hockey jersey. It's time to make more pants! Over the summer, I drafted a pair of pants which was super exciting. After... Continue Reading →

Drafting a Winter Coat

Drafting the coat of my dreams from scratch! My old Winter coat was a Colette Lady Grey with lengthened sleeves and skirt. I love it but it's getting worn. Plus, I've learned so much since I made it 2 years ago, it's time to upgrade! I had specific details in mind for this coat -... Continue Reading →

Moon Princess Seam Conversion!

I finally got around to converting my basic sloper to princess seams. Drafting the OG darted sloper proved a much more daunting task. Converting it to princess seams was...well... In the interest of science, I read several tutes before choosing one to reference while I work. I like to find the commonalities to weed out... Continue Reading →

A Riveting Skirt

Where I live, the winter is indecisive. We can have a 10 degree cold snap one day and be in the 40s the next. So I like to be ready for anything. When it gets above freezing, it's Winter Skirt Weather. My strategy for not freezing is as follows: a knee length wool coat and... Continue Reading →

Sloper Dress & New Armscye

I finally used my sloper to draft a dress! yaaaay! It's a very simple dress so far. The bodice is my sloper straight-up, the skirt is a half-circle skirt I drafted last year. I ran into some problems making this pattern, despite how simple it appeared. The first issue I encountered was due to flaws... Continue Reading →

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