Self-Drafted Blazer Jacket

Atop a gilded chariot, the fanfare blaring as confetti drifts slowly to the ground, I wave to the fans, a queenly wave, as my jacket billows around me. JK. I made the jacket I designed! It's the greatest jacket in the world. (It's not, but you know how that goes.) I used a lovely blue... Continue Reading →

Noodlehead Bag

A groovy messenger bag made with special fabrics... (Note: I wrote a good deal of posts last year that never got published because I didn't take any pictures to go with them. Now that I have a better camera, I'm gonna try to be a better blogger too. This one is from last July!!) I... Continue Reading →

A Riveting Skirt

Where I live, the winter is indecisive. We can have a 10 degree cold snap one day and be in the 40s the next. So I like to be ready for anything. When it gets above freezing, it's Winter Skirt Weather. My strategy for not freezing is as follows: a knee length wool coat and... Continue Reading →

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